A New Address

This is actually the main source of my current problems, ie, having to reload the entire database by hand. Now I know exactly what you must do to move a WordPress site to a new domain, not just what will work, for a little while. I’d been using the old… Continue reading

Bimini is a chain of islands

A friend posted that she wanted her friends to post about how we met, but lie about it. So… It was back in 97 when you were still a private investigator and I was looking for the fabled Monkey’s Paw Ruby. You were tailing Sammy the Squid when our paths… Continue reading

Regarding Comments…

If you’re watching and you’re real and you have something to say, don’t be afraid. This early on in the relaunch, I don’t expect a whole lot of comments or followers, but I realize, from experience, that the lack of active community is off-putting. I just refuse to be so… Continue reading

While it’s in my head

The next “quotation” for to be a shadow. It was like trying to explain particle physics to a Greek philosopher. The ability in maths might be there and the intelligence might be there, but so much remediation is required that it might be better just to listen to him talk… Continue reading

Screaming Pink Doldrums

A quick update about life, the universe, and everything, starting with the fact that my monitor is a “more mauvy shade of pinky russet”1 and I can’t stand looking at it for prolonged periods. There’s that. I’m also somewhat hung up on my pirate ghost story. It’s not voicing properly,… Continue reading

Online Grammar Checkers Fries

I love Checker’s fries, so when I saw a commercial for Checker’s on sci-fi channel 1, I immediately did a web search for Checker’s/Rally’s, hoping to find they reopened in Knoxville. They didn’t. The Knoxville Rally’s closed shortly before we moved here. It has been over nine years since I’ve… Continue reading


I made a general rule when I started this blog that I would not mention anything terribly personal here. This is a work-only blog plus enough other stuff to keep you interested. I’ve been through the other kind before. Circumstances made it too heavy to read and what’s more, it… Continue reading