Dragon Con Corset Photo

Ok, since this bloody thing shows up in every search for Dragon Con and Corset and I can’t find your site or manage to email you, I’m posting a notice here. I am the owner of the white corset with the black buttons from Dragon Con 2002. If you were… Continue reading

Another Fascinating Search

While I am very used to seeing the results of my “vanity” searches show up in my keywords, I am not aware that I did one this month. (Vanity searches are searches that are meant to turn up links to one’s own website. Really, it is much easier to take… Continue reading


I’m so proud! Some of you weren’t looking for porn! And one of you definately wasn’t! New Key Phrase Search from August 2003: dragon con jpg -porn

The Movie Has Come

Big news! Plunkett and Macleane arrived last night. So, after nearly a month of waiting, I got to see about half of it. It does have its charm after you get through the first 10-15 minutes.