Screaming Pink Doldrums

A quick update about life, the universe, and everything, starting with the fact that my monitor is a “more mauvy shade of pinky russet”1 and I can’t stand looking at it for prolonged periods. There’s that.

I’m also somewhat hung up on my pirate ghost story. It’s not voicing properly, probably because of the pirate story problem I noted years ago. That is, no pirate can actually be a pirate in the story and still be a proper hero or even a proper anti-hero. You *always* have to have the pirate out of his/her native element. If not, then it’s a story about a bunch of robbers and murderers robbing and murdering. It’s not just that this is morally reprehensible. It’s also repetitive and boring. Kind of like having too many sex scenes in a novel. The mind glazes over and we are left with the eternal, “And then what?”

It doesn’t help that my monitor is pink. I’m hoping I get the new VGA adapter in soon.

  1. “The other Sheltanac’s juppleberry shrub is a more mauvy shade of pinky russet.” Douglas Adams.
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