A. J. Marquess’s Books

to be a shadow: A Ghost’s Story

Paperback $6.95 Kindle $2.99 (or free through Kindle Matchbook)

Everyone knows ghost stories, but do they know how the ghosts feel about them? To Be a Shadow is a collection of short stories that take the reader over to the other side, to explore a more chilling point of view.

A half-mad ghost befriends a little girl, but fears that even the living can’t protect her.

The government brings a murdered woman back into her body as a witness in a case of national security.

The ghost of a detective catches an antiquities thief with the grudging assistance of the living.

A hitchhiker ghost tries endlessly, in vain, to get home.

From the other side of her dark mirror, Bloody Mary tells her tale and explains why the innocent have no need to fear her.

A lonely ghost watches in horror as a ghost from his own past begins attacking the young women in his blood line when they visit his grave.

A deceased graduate student looks back on his unusual quest for the meaning of life.

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