Little Cthulhu’s Book of Occult Baby Names

Interesting piece of news. If you look up the keywords “Occult Baby Names” on Amazon, due mostly to the “feature” that allows you to search excerpts, you get 6665 results under books. So close…Now, ask me my opinion on Amazon’s new Search including excerpts… Remember a long time ago, how… Continue reading

And Who is Derian?

Do you realize that in all the excerpts that I have posted in this place, Derian Fiske only appears once in person and that in only a one sentence description and piece of dialogue. And I thought I was borderline posting too much information. So, when I tell you, say,… Continue reading

Where October?

How did I miss the entire month of October? October was filled with costuming, but not much writing, for once. I finished nothing–ok, not quite true. I finished hand binding the top of my pvc corset. All bones are back in place and nothing poked me in the underarm on… Continue reading