New Gate Calendar of Executions

I’ve been reading the Newgate calendar of executions…Ok, morbid, yes, but research-wise, it’s wonderful. No one is quite like ‘Than and Derian, though. That stands to reason, but there is a highwayman couple mentioned, although, again, not quite up to ‘Than and Derian. And there are more complete stories for… Continue reading

Worth 50,000 Words?

Pop the cork and pour the champagne already! We have 50,000 words in In Sanguine. Granted, most of them will be replaced in the next round of the editing machete, but 50,000 words! It means that there may be hope. Maybe. I actually had the full thread of a story… Continue reading

The Pirate Museum

In a moment of curiosity, I tried one of those searches to see if this page would pop up and I found this article at the Pirate Museum. Tres cool. Check out the story of Rachel Wall. It’s nice to know that women were well represented in the pirate world…. Continue reading

Betta Fish Wall Sconces

I’ve been going over my stats for May. It looks like Castle Lesenvlk is the Space Port’s most popular page and we have quite an international crowd of visitors. I’m glad to have all of you, even the ones who really wanted to be elsewhere. I hope you found something… Continue reading