Regarding Comments…

If you’re watching and you’re real and you have something to say, don’t be afraid. This early on in the relaunch, I don’t expect a whole lot of comments or followers, but I realize, from experience, that the lack of active community is off-putting.

I just refuse to be so desperate for attention that I let spammers in and, believe me, I know the difference. If I were interested remotely in buying blog posts, I know where to go. I used to sell them there before a little matter of eating flowers got me down.

But, I am a writer. Writers write and anyone who knows me knows I will go on about things. 1 I probably won’t be buying your articles, because if I did, it would be a betrayal of everything this place stands for. 2

  1. Sympathy to my long suffering friends. You know I love all of you dearly, I hope.
  2. Everything for which this place stands? Gotta love grammar. Grandpa too, come to think.
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