Revamp (No, this isn’t related to In Sanguine.)

Revamp: The Director’s cut Heather Lynch. If that’s your name, forgive what happens to your namesake in Necropolis by Moonlight. I don’t mean anything by it. *** Alex opened the lab door and bumped into a warm body coming down the hall. ‘I’m sorry,’ she gasped. He was taller than… Continue reading

Necropolis by Moonlight Sub Plots

All plotlines written while under the influence of bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infection, and related medications are, officially, kicked out by order of the magistrate, except for the business on January 20. I quite liked the fact that some one other than Alex was capable of preceiving the existance of Neferset… Continue reading

Valley of the Shadow

Okay, this is a major “what if” and probably the biggest break that Necropolis by Moonlight has ever made from a relatively normal modern world that follows an acceptable pattern of rules. It is also the first time I’ve followed certain other sub-plots (unmentioned here and possibly objectionable) and I’m… Continue reading