I wrote absolutely nothing last night, although I did mean to. I planned it and everything. I’m reading The Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee. I got through the end of Wolf Tower and all of Wolf Star last night and started on Wolf Queen. They have nothing to do with… Continue reading

Quote of the Day

Authors are easy enough to get on with – if you are fond of children. — Michael Joseph (The Observer, London, 19) I saw this on the Jim World website and liked it. Thought I’d share.

Post Holidays

New Years Day has passed and I haven’t written anything. That’s a bad start for the year. However, getting sick on New Years is generally bad. I spent the evening looking at cheap gemstones on eBay. Bad, bad habit, that.

Spare Change

Mmmm…Really…If I had a nickle for all the times I said that I would be finished with “Z” book in “Y” time, I would have a lot of nickles. Christmas is over and I still don’t have a finished book, although I have 40 pages of a revamped (in light… Continue reading