What if

What if…The sky was green, cats took over the government, my betta fish locked me out of the house? No, not really. I’m just being strange because I have a scene in my head that I can’t write yet. Or, maybe I could and put it away for later.What if… Continue reading

Rain. Again.

Worked on scenes with Deirdre getting very cold and wet while robbing a coach on the highway. I hope no one accuses me of being autobiographical with that one. I didn’t rob any coaches, but the ride home last night on my bike was miserable. I would almost rather have… Continue reading

A Study in Contrasts

The pack closed around him, bocking her vision with a solid wall of muscle and fur. She heard the snarling snap of teeth and wet sound of rending flesh. Fear, bile, and blood burned in her throat. *** ‘And now, the ordeal,’ Derian thought as he put his crutch aside… Continue reading