Online Grammar Checkers Fries

I love Checker’s fries, so when I saw a commercial for Checker’s on sci-fi channel 1, I immediately did a web search for Checker’s/Rally’s, hoping to find they reopened in Knoxville. They didn’t.

The Knoxville Rally’s closed shortly before we moved here. It has been over nine years since I’ve had good, hot Checker’s Fries. 2 No, the frozen ones are not acceptable substitutes. I don’t know why.

One of the paid hits on my search was I had my last post open, so I checked it. It found some things wrong. Fine. There probably are. I wrote it extemporaneously. Most of my blog is written that way.

Grammarly said it was wordy. Ah…ya think? They claimed there were sentence fragments. I’m pretty sure those were in spots where I intentionally derailed the train of thought using accepted punctuation. This–

When Grammarly detected plagiarism, that made me scratch my head. Really?!?! How, when this blog is in the middle of a reboot and the post wasn’t even spidered yet? No one could have plagiarized it. Why would anyone even want to?

I know I didn’t plagiarize when I wrote the post. I used no sources beyond the Facebook post that announced the loss of Sir Terry Pratchett and Wikipedia, where I verified the year Douglas Adams died. The candle animation came from a free graphics website, but it is attributed in the alt text. The rest came directly from my head and heart. That’s why it’s so rambling.

Is something wrong with Grammarly? I confess I didn’t pay the $30 for the month so I couldn’t see what the errors were and why they thought there was plagiarism, but my experiment makes me doubt their service. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend the $30 due to the plagiarism claim in a text where plagiarism is impossible.

After my short experience with them, I hope that teachers aren’t using grammarly to penalize students. I suspect they are, though.

  1. Don’t correct me to SyFy because that looks like a disease and some of the reason they did that was to distance themselves from their fanbase while supporting some of the worst stereotypes. Way to disrespect, guys.
  2. Fun fact: My last real Checker’s fries were soggy and horrible because I had been hit by a car and they wound up sitting for three hours.
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