Meeting places

Due to the lack of descriptions/pictures of Valisere in Cairo, I need to come up with another name for the lingerie store…something I can use on a fictional shop. It strikes me as a good/logical meeting place for two female characters to exchange information. I can’t have Aiyesha come to… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Project

Although I find it the quandary of whether or not I should be celebrating the day the “snakes” were sent forth from Ireland (though I do imagine that the Pixies and Leprechauns stayed anyway) I always wear green in self defense (warding off pinches) and often pluck a bouquet from… Continue reading

The Lingerie Souk

Okay, knowing that there is a ladies underwear Bazaar in Cairo just makes me smile. It’s one of those things that just affirms that we are all the same, no matter what…and other fuzzy thoughts. Why did I look this up? It’s kind of important if you send a character… Continue reading

Growing up in Dar Hassan

“Growing up in Dar Hassan was like living in an orphanage in downtown Gomorrah at the crossroads of Hell Avenue and Damnation Way. I have been shot at, yes. I’ve also been kidnapped and left in the desert for dead. It just hasn’t happened in a very long while,” Alex… Continue reading

Why I hate MS Internet Explorer

(The irony is that I am writing from MS Internet Explorer for Windows right now.) Have you seen this place lately? I apologize from the depths of my heart. Maroon and Fuschia should never be side by side on a page. I didn’t exactly *pick* the colors, so to speak…. Continue reading

Tried adding borders

I got the bright idea to actually look at what I’ve been doing. Strange, I know. I added borders to all of the CSS IDs and classes. Guess what? The borders on the banner div, me div and rightbox div don’t show up. Almost as if there was no div… Continue reading