Hasame kun Hyaku, an RPG character

From Victoria’s Harummai Nebula game, based on Heros System rules and set in a very well thought out galaxy.

Hasame is from a lower technology, foxoid race under Tchlottl control. As you can see, she is a swordsmith and martial artist with a specialization in blades. She also has a strong aversion to scissors, although she knows the basics of barbering.

Name: Hasame kun Hyaku

Species: Kitsune

Planet: Kairu (Tchlottl Empire Subject Planet)

Kingdom: Hyakai-kitsu

Physical Description:

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: Indeterminate (Subject has not yet been sequestered and shaved.)

Gender: Female (verified by records only)

Approximate Age: Post Adolescent

Excerpt Taken from The History of King Seshashiro (His Most Shining Grace, May He Live into Eternity): The Toddler Years

Hasame descended from the kun Hyaku clan, the most powerful family of Hairdressers attached to the Royal House. Much to her ancestor’s shame she had always shown an affinity for Martial Arts and blade work, with little talent for the scissors. In spite of the fact that she practiced daily for the Hairdressing Apprentice Qualifying Exams, the day of the test proved to be the greatest disaster in Hairdressing history. When the dust finally cleared, two plaster body-wig stands were left decapitated and a 3rd with a pair of scissors protruding from its forehead.

Disgraced, but not deterred, young Hasame apprenticed to a swordsmith, which turned out to be only a slight blow to her ancestors. (Her illicit Martial Arts School was another matter.) That would have been the end of her file, but for the influence her father (Akai kun Hyaku, Steward of the Royal Hairbrush) held over the Infant King Seshashiro (His Most Shining Grace, May He Live into Eternity). IK Seshashiro (HMSG, MHLiE) was desirous of adding some small swords and knives to the Royal Toy Chest. Upon hearing that this was among IK Seshashiro’s (HMSG, MHLiE) fondest wishes, Akai suggested some of his eldest daughter’s apprentice work. It was an idea that Akai would not live to regret.

On the third Day of the Sixth Month of Inundation in the fifth year of the Reign of IK Seshashiro’s (HMSG, MHLiE), the Young King, Embodiment of All that is Order Above Chaos, was found crying in the Royal Paper Garden, a small cut on his forefinger. Beside the inconsolable Infant King (Seshashiro HMSG…ok, you get the point) was found a small, not quite blunted dagger bearing the apprentice marks of Hasame kun Hyaku.

Akai kun Hyaku and his apprentice Misao were both summarily decapitated. Before the Royal Executioner arrived at the Guild of the Swordsmiths, Guild Master Hiramai Komonagetami advised Hasame to go into voluntary exile. The Royal Government has chosen to disavow knowledge of Hasame kun Hyaku. Her name has been stricken from the Record of Life kept in the Royal Archives by order of IK Seshashiro (HMSG, MHLiE). Her current whereabouts are unknown.

On a side note, the Position of Steward of the Royal Hairbrush has since been filled by Shinomori Ginsu, who happened to give IK Seshashiro (HMSG, MHLiE) a sticky-sweet three days later.

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