Moments of Fame

I was talking about this the other day with Mandragora and Michaela de Bruce. It seems to me that my glory days on the web have passed, or perhaps that the glory days of the web have passed. I’m not sure which, but will happily sit in the twilight skipping… Continue reading

Steps to Alchemagery and Libellus setup

Get PO Box–Done Apply for ISBN–Done Recieve ISBN–Pending Get Barcode–Pending Set up Corporation–Pending Set up secondary Cafe Press Account–Done Set up document for print, have printed–Pending

Cafe Press and ISBN

It seems that, if I want an ISBN on my book printed through Cafe Press, I have to buy one. I looked into what it would take to buy an ISBN. It turns out that I will have to be a publisher. Everyone who self publishes has to do this,… Continue reading