Working on the website

In the last week, I’ve done a lot of editing, graphics, and other work on this site, rather than writing. I could tell you in detail what I did today, for instance, but I broke my brain. It’s not a matter of writing php that writes javascript to increment images in a directory. There are harder puzzles than that on the back of cereal boxes. It’s a matter of writing php that writes javascript within a word press page without using GET or POST and without hard coding the image names or the directory they are in. I think I finally have a good solution that will let me work outside of the php loop where I read in the file names.

We’re talking DragonCon and costume pictures, basically, and the shortcode to display them. If it works, I might post some artwork here, too. It will be just a matter of plugging the short code in and putting the pictures in a directory.

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