The Ten Year Lapse

This week, I had an interesting time traveling in, well, time. I think it’s time to put up the travel stained safari clothes and go on with the present. I may mine Live Journal and a few other places for material later–hopefully it won’t mess up the post order and the navigation like it did on another blog I tried–but for now I will simply apologize for the lapse.

A lot has happened in a decade. For one, I no longer have the VHS copy of Plunkett and Maclean that I had been vocally awaiting. Most of the rest, I won’t post about here. Some of it is on my Live Journal, which is so depressing it should probably be razed to the ground and the pixels swept up so that an online discount mall can use the database. It would really be for the best. Some of it was deleted from my Facebook account to protect the guilty. But I still digress, frequently and at great length, so everything should be back to normal, unless you go to the Mirror Universe, but I can hardly be held responsible for the behavior of my dopplegangers, can I?

I did make a couple of attempts to start up a humorous blog filled with farm animal comics and unrelated recipes called, “The Gothic Hen.” That’s pretty hard to sustain if you aren’t used to being cheerful all the time. I’ll probably introduce “Gothic Hen” Fridays here, just for something different.

Anyway, I’m still dusting cobwebs off of various things. The 9180 Corset tutorial will come back and so will all the other costume pieces. I don’t sew quite as much as I did and in fact, I gave a lot of stuff away. Once in a while, though, I still trot out the sewing machine. I do take pictures more often, which is a plus.

For now, I declare this blog officially reopened.

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