I wonder what…

If this were LJ, I’d add a poll. Of course, I’d have to re-up my paid account first. I’d rather wait two weeks and pay for MacJournal at this moment. Nice little program. maybe I’ll write a poll.

Alex was originally the thief Iskandarah Stavros (must remember to update the user dictionary of MacJournal!). She tries to hide that fact as best she can, but as soon as she steps into the Cairo “Underworld,” it’s going to be painfully obvious. My question is, does she tell Jake? Does she just let him find out? Does she wait for the right moment or, if she does, does the “right moment” come before he finds out through one thing and another? Here’s the kicker: The guy has contacts who deal in information. Does he already know?

I seem to be playing out the No, no, no, yes, yes scenario, but I’m not sure about that last yes. Should I use it or not. There’s this scene in Chapter 8…Even so, I don’t think I’ll make it to Chapter 8 before he finds out. He’d have to be a complete nitwit, which isn’t something I built into his character.

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