I want a new word processor

Not necessarily this one, but a word processor. Granted, this one looks good for the price and it seems to go along with my particular…idiom. That is, it has some nice features, but it isn’t bloated and boasts that it can run in 2mb. I’m downloading the demo tonight.

The different GNU Public Aqua versions of OpenOffice.Org are not particularly thrilling to me, especially since the features seem to be low and either they don’t load (my machine doesn’t like X11 for some reason or other) or they are deadly slow. The last one I tried did not import my itallics. Can you imagine? Oh, and Kanji/hiragana/katakana, Arabic, and Greek scripts showed as a type of courier. Οχι!

I want my word processor to be non-intensive, so that I can run it in the background and render a printable image at the same time. Right now, all of the big guys out there seem to want to make huge memory hogs that have all manner of features, but do more than I actually want to do for a given task. What does a word processor need, when you come down to it?

My ideal word process lets me set the margins, have auto numbered pages/sections, set the beginning number, be able to turn off the headers/footers on the first few pages if I want, and have the headers and/or footers alternate corners like a book. It can also print to pdf with embedded fonts. It also does endnotes/footnotes and TOC/Glossary layouts are available as templates. And you can run it in 2-4 megs of ram.

Am I asking too much? Seems to me it was possible in 19. Why not in 2005? Why do Word Processors have to be hogs?

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