Eight Little Words

I think I wrote 8 words last night, reread an old copy of Knights of the Dinner Table, and looked at corset patterns–oh, and I played Riven for about a half hour. Anyway, the eight words did not go the way I thought they would. I am, for some reason, refusing to allow Deirdre to be kidnapped by pirates, which is fine. The plot does not depend on her being tossed around at sea. In fact, everything works much better if she stays on dry land, but it would have been nice for a lark.

I think I am overly influenced by the world in which I live. And I’m tired and have had too much work to do. And Karel the robot wants to turn left when he should be walking forward. Mainly, I’m tired and bored. Bored is a good time to write, but tired is not. I have scenes in my head and no energy to work through them before they disappear like a phantom mist of dreams and shadows. [going away for a moment to gag after that metaphor] I think, somehow, if the world would straighten itself out, I could go back to being overworked, underpaid, and a writer in my spare time without any further trouble.

I dyed my hair. Hydriance Ruby Red. You would not believe the compliments I’ve gotten, including from my Mom and everyone at work. I guess I will claim I planned it that way, but the truth was, I was in a grocery store and felt like coloring my hair. The only reds they had were that dark, vibrant, unnatural primary red. I now match my garnet necklaces and feel very much like an anime chick, without the artist’s heavy hand in the area of endowment. I would provide a picture, but I don’t have any yet.

8 words. maybe they will turn out to be an important 8 words…

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