Of all the luck…

In Sanguine update alert. Well, I was on a roll. Things were going well. My AC adaptor broke. I think this is the fourth AC adaptor in three years. Go figure. I ordered a new one, hoping to get it before we went to North Carolina. No luck. The mailman left a delivery slip in the box on Wednesday afternoon. The post office opens at 8:00 am. We left on Thursday morning at 6:00 am. That means the iBook stayed home. We both got a horrible cold, though, and I stayed home on Monday with it. Or, more correctly, I stayed home on Monday after I picked up the AC adaptor. So, where was it coming from that it took so long? Hong Kong, apparently. I really have to pay more attention when I purchase from eBay. As it was, I had to replace the power cord, or risk electrocution. (I don’t wonder–Does Hong Kong have an Underwriters’ Lab?) All is well, now, and I am attempting to pick up where I left off. It isn’t going so well, though.

Where I left off. Remember the scene on the ship with Phillipe that I posted here some while ago–check the archives if you don’t. Well, it is getting the axe in favor of a more interesting plotline wherein Phillipe and Deirdre are kidnapped by a certain erstwhile member of ‘Than’s future crew. This leave Der at home with the ladies. It also leaves Padge…doing something. I’m rather tempted to let Padge ride around as the Hawk until Deirdre gets back–which will be soon, I promise.

Who is Deirdre, you ask? Who is this Phillipe I keep going on about? This Der person can only be Derian from the excerpts, but lastly, who on earth is Padge? Sorry, but if I told you those things, where would the fun be?

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