Spare Change

Mmmm…Really…If I had a nickle for all the times I said that I would be finished with “Z” book in “Y” time, I would have a lot of nickles. Christmas is over and I still don’t have a finished book, although I have 40 pages of a revamped (in light of the content, I should use the word “changed”) book. I also have VCDs of Neverwhere. Priorities…

And, I now have this really cool character (who is a villain) and I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do with her. Go figure. I’d really love to talk about her, but have this fear that it would spoil things. I have a feeling that she both is and isn’t a tool of Athamek’s and that she has an agenda of her own that will bring the ending together.

Now that I’ve done enough teasing, I’m going to go away and get on with my life.

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