What if

What if…The sky was green, cats took over the government, my betta fish locked me out of the house? No, not really. I’m just being strange because I have a scene in my head that I can’t write yet. Or, maybe I could and put it away for later.What if Phillipe signed on with Lord Winterbrook (or some one) to help catch a pirate, or pirates in general, with the aim of getting ‘Than and bringing her to Rennic? I can see it very clearly and it works, it would just delay things by degrees.I’m also thinking of making ‘Than 18 at the beginning of the story instead of 17, because it would give her time to establish her reputation, allow Milena/Rhiannon to be just a little bit older–and possibly sentient instead of a piece of furniture, let Derian be 20 instead of 19 at the beginning of the story, and give me just a little less time to spend between the beginning and the hanging. I think I’m going to go off and talk to myself and perhaps the potted pine tree for a while…

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