Waxing Poetic: CSS in Four Part Harmony

Or 50 ways a web designer goes mad.

You might have noticed some changes going on to links and excerpts. (Don’t try the links button from this page. I haven’t rerouted it yet. Checkout excerpts first and take the button from there.) Right now both places are full of packing peanuts.

I decided to use a little php script to give you the links list or the excerpts lists when you click on the broad category headings. So fine, so good, so hoopy. Only, I decided I wanted to have the links/excerpts lists show up beside the list of category headings. (This after spending a good afternoon playing with different javascript menus.)

Ok, so it’s a little heavier on bandwidth. I always have been a server-side-who-me-I-coded-all-these-pages-in-html-just-ignore-the-nonstandard-url-it-doesn’t-mean-anything type of girl. DHTML with Javascript displayed for all the world to see and text firmly stuck in lines of code just bothers me.

Well, if you look at those pages, you will find that the links list wraps around the left floated categories list, as does the default “Gratuitous Plug.” The only reason that the excerpts is ok (except for the default) is that there aren’t nearly as many.

It does it whether I use a div or a span, whether I declare it as a class or use it as an id and it doesn’t show up in Safari. Using float right to kick the other text over doesn’t work either and just makes the banner area go nuts.

So, why, you ask, do I think this should work? Because it did just before I deleted some of the codes that control the behavior of my definition lists and unordered lists. No kidding.

And get this: Putting those back didn’t help.

So, who’s up for pizza?

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