Seconds from Cairo

I’ve been silly.

Last Saturday, I was spending a couple of hours dithering and trying everything on in Gypsy Palace–See my Live Journal if you don’t believe me. It’s all in public posts. (whispers: It’s the button on the left that says “Live Journal”)–when I noticed a lovely brown caftan on sale for too much money and in a “me-unflattering” (as I’m sure that it flatters some one) shade of brown. It also had a tag with no English that said “Araba” and listed the size. Look, you’ll have to trust me on the transliteration. I don’t have pictures.

Anyway, too much Necropolis by Moonlight (where the main character spends much of her time in abaya, t-shirt, and jeans) and that dress made me want one.

Strangely, for less than the price of the dress in the Gypsy Palace, I’m getting two shipped in from Giza. One is shades of purple. I thought that the dark purple shaded to pale from the shoulders, but the picture they have on the website shows the opposite. I can’t really say for certain what it was now that I come to try to think of it. All I can say is that dark purple to light purple in my imagination is prettier than in the picture. The other one–not a second and more expensive of the two–I don’t remember at all. I tried to order two different, other ones, but the website said they were in some one else’s cart. I seem to think it was olive green.

I’ll post pics when I get them. I’d love to be able to get away with wearing them to work, but I think Celia might draw the line at what she is sure to take to be a night gown.

I’m also quite liking these abayas. It’s quite the temptation to buy one of the less opulent black ones to wear as an over dress. Especially with the mandarin collars. They aren’t quite so nightgown-ish. I really think no one would care.

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