It came in a dream…

Personal tragedies have a way of changing your perspective and priorities for a while. All the content I have written in blogs during the past few weeks has been in my Live Journal, which I consider more personal in nature than this one, which is really about writing and costume. If you want to know, just hit the Live Journal button on the side bar of this page and read it. If not, just rest assured that tragedy has been averted for a little while and time is precious to me right now, because I may one day soon lose my little furry helper.

I come to realize that I have plans for 13 books in In Sanguine, yet I have never had anything published. I also come to realize that I can’t work on In Sanguine at all right now. One must have an air of dark cynicism about one and, after receiving the miracle I hoped for, I don’t have it at the moment. My life has always been a balance of sun shine and shadow. Right now, I need the sunshine. Which is funny, because the project I am shifting to is Necropolis by Moonlight. I’m not sure how that story is less dark than In Sanguine. All I do know is that it is the one I need to polish.

Within the next couple of days, I will be opening an online store titled Alchemagery and Libellus. I plan to offer the cover art of Necropolis by Moonlight as well as the usual “Save the Pyramids” merchandise. In the spring/summer of 2004, I hope to come out with a paperback version of Necropolis by Moonlight which will be featured in this store and this store only. Consider it a “special edition,” as it will be available for purchase no where other than Alchemagery and Libellus–unless, of course, I am able to find a regular publisher (unlikely as this is a Libellus in every sense of the word) or pay for printing.

After the initial printing, I will see what I can do about an audio book version.

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