Where October?

How did I miss the entire month of October?

October was filled with costuming, but not much writing, for once. I finished nothing–ok, not quite true. I finished hand binding the top of my pvc corset. All bones are back in place and nothing poked me in the underarm on Hallow’s Eve.

I do have a pile of fabric I want to get a chance to cut out. I am going to try for the Elizabethan farthingale this weekend, while I over dye the silk for my frock coat lining. The Butterick Historical Hats were a bust, but I should have been able to predict that. I did buy some hat patterns that struck me as being more useful and I do have plans for them.

Writing…I’ve begun again, or I had, when suddenly I was attacked by a flea in the form of Hasame kun Hyaku. Writers, beware all role-playing characters. They are bad for your works-in-progress.

Strangely, I have no desire to write about Hasame. I haven’t played her that long, for one. I don’t know her all that well, beyond the killing and ornamental paper cutting. And, if anything, Hasame is a character in Victoria’s story. Her world, though, is mine. I have the sudden desire to move In Sanguine or parts of In Sanguine into it. The idea of the Infant King is too appealing.

Help me before I go insane.

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