Pictures Posted

Wow! While I was home on Friday with a fever et al, I posted about half of our 2003 Dragon Con pics to this site, moved the 2002 pics, and added 2001 back. (My apologies to everyone who gets a “file not found” for the 2002 pics if you come in via old links on a search engine.) I also submitted my link to Dragon Con.

This place has been slammed ever since. Thankfully, the Space Port has 12 gigs of bandwidth to sustain it. I wanted to upgrade my service plan this year, but doesn’t seem to want more money from me. (I asked, but they didn’t pay any mind to my email.)

So, we’re popular for once. Exciting, no? Maybe. At the moment the only thing I find exciting is tangerine tea with honey…I want some rest and I want to feel better.

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