Dragon Con Corset Photo

Ok, since this bloody thing shows up in every search for Dragon Con and Corset and I can’t find your site or manage to email you, I’m posting a notice here.

I am the owner of the white corset with the black buttons from Dragon Con 2002. If you were the owner of the black corset and you attempted to take a picture with me, then I have a picture here and another here for you.

If you see this, please write to me. (The email button on this page will do.) I want to attribute your picture and put a link to your website, also.

En general…If anyone sees their con pics on my website and *does not* want them to be anonymous, please write to me. I will add names/links or both to any caption. Also, I will write better captions if you want me to. (I am hoping that no one out there wants their pic removed all-together, as I had a very hard time going through all the pics and choosing only the best, then culling from those.)

For some reason, no matter what I do in Google, I always find this journal. I’m beginning to think it’s Google’s acquisition of Blogger that is at fault.

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