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I just found out that iBlog has become BlogWorkz to avoid any confusion with the other iBlog out there which produces rather dull looking blogs all to the same template. (Tried to hook up this place to their webring and discovered, much to my surprise, that the program name had been usurped.)

News…News…None really. maybe the first scene with Angeline di Ravena. She’s all of about twelve years old at the moment and a fostered princess sailing back to Rome on the ship of the empire’s worst pirate catcher. She has no idea that she is going to become one of non-history’s best assassins.

This week, though, the heat has been brutal and once home, I’ve been too tired to write. Plus we’ve been rearranging furniture and all the trivial things that I don’t intend to talk about in this journal.

Oh, this place has a guestbook now, and a “post-a-link” courtesy of Mark Donchek. I’m still working on the Forums*, which are courtesy of Hot Things.Net. Links for the guestbook and post-a-link are on the forums page, or in this paragraph, which I have personally handcrafted for your use. I’m working out where else they should go. I may replace the forums button with something more descriptive of all.

Anyway, whatever way you choose, this place is interactive now.

Meanwhile, there is a fantastic storm brewing outside my window. I’m watching the show as I type. The only thing that could make this better is a warm cat and a cup of chocolate.

*Working on the Forums basically means that I’m waiting for the next version that has been promised, which has a login screen. Otherwise, feel free to join up now. You’ll have to login for each message you write by clicking the lock on the message screen. Or, as some people have already discovered, you don’t have to login at all. That function will go away when I get the version with login. I promise.

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