Bleh! Bleh, I say! Bleh!

I wish I was doing this from my iBook. iBlogger is so much nicer than this interface. I just wrote an entire post that disappeared into aether.

From memory:

I haven’t written anything brilliant lately, unless you’re into the whole morbid humor thing. I just could not resist having ‘Than and a (unnamed) highwayman go slogging through woods, while (quite casually) swinging a somnolent vampire between them. It’s a sight gag. You’d have to be there (or read it).

Cafe Press is now into book publishing. If I can ever work up a following outside of the crowd of disappointed deviants who visit this place (present company, all those who follow my live journal, and don’t get here by putting things in a search engine like “noose hanging rope panties” excepted.), then I might cast a whole short story between covers and offer it up to the masses. One of a kind, original A. J. Marquess, with a scanned sig that reads “To my biggest fan.” I’ll buy copies for my Mom, Zag, and Rose and that will about cover it, no?

Plunkett & Macleane has yet to arrive. It’s suposed to come by my birthday, but at this rate, I’ll be 30 by the time it gets here. (Only my friends will know why that’s funny.)

My mini digicam is at the post office as we speak, though. Beware, I may have to put up some videos of my cat. Calvin Attacks the Logitech Eyeball was a wonderful black and white classic.

[Carefully copying this post so as not to lose it again]

Signing off for now…

The Ghost from the Bottom of the Page


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