Worth 50,000 Words?

Pop the cork and pour the champagne already! We have 50,000 words in In Sanguine. Granted, most of them will be replaced in the next round of the editing machete, but 50,000 words! It means that there may be hope. Maybe. I actually had the full thread of a story going and had to go back and rework the whole thing. I’m somewhere in the middle of it now, with about 50 new pages behind me and another hundred or so ahead of me. Poor ‘Than is not yet in Constantinople and she’s picked up an additional hanger-on who can’t stand garlic and has to cover up in the sunlight. We’ll get to the Mediterranean yet. Meanwhile, a lot of interesting things are going on with Derian, Dierdre, Padge, and Phillipe that were all missing before.

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