A Long Awaited Update

Hmmm…A writer’s journal…what can I say? I wrote some words last night about some character and he is now going to do this to shore up that plot point over there. {sigh} Sometimes I get cynical, I guess. I did write some words last night. I think I may have started with “The.” After that, this went sort of swimmingly, which is a bad thing since I use a Barbie-Doll Blue iBook…no, no water was involved, but it sounded good. Anyway, for the moment, I’m happy with it. It reads well. It hangs together well. All is right with the world.

And Pirates of the Carribean has a new trailer out. Tres cool and absolutely nothing like anything going on in In Sanguine. Well, I mean there are Pirates in it, so it has to be something like In Sanguine, but it isn’t a huge amount like it.

I think I’ll dye my hair black tonight…

Gotta run. I’m wanted at the Vet School.

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