[staring in devilishly amused disbelief] We were hacked, can you believe that? I sure as heck can’t. Hacked. Us. The Space Port. But, we’re not that important! I mean, where is the percentage in taking this place out for a few hours? What did they gain? Nothing. I mean, on the scale of importance, The Space Port isn’t even a blip. It shows up somewhere between -1000 and 0. I almost feel sorry for the hacker, if his/her intelligence is so low that he/she can’t see that. Except, I don’t feel sorry for the hacker and believe he/she should be hung up beside his/her figgin. (For a definition of “figgin” see Guards, Guards by Terry Pratchett. And, read the rest of the book, too. You’ll like it.) Well, if anyone from the forums reads this ever, feel free to defame this guy in print.

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