OK…It’s been a while since I posted here, but I have a few good reasons, so put down that anvil and listen. The good reasons are: CLASSES. Too much really dull and repetitive homework. This is not an environment where some one like me can flourish. I’m creative and interesting and this…isn’t…

First off, The Claidi JournalsWolf Tower was ok. Wolf Star was kind of cool. Didn’t care for Wolf Queen. The flying people were too much for me and the characters were not behaving like themselves.

I just got episodes 1-28 of Vampire Princess Miyu and am enjoying them immensely, although I’m not sure the ones I’ve seen are included in the discs I just got. I haven’t finished disc 3 yet. The subtitles are fantasticly bad. “Quick, everyone, refract.” “Shinma, return to the dork.” (Picture a guy with taped glasses and pocket protector surrounded by demons.) It’s almost like MST3K meets anime and ought to be submitted to www.engrish.com.

Writing…haven’t done too much of that, or at least anything that is worthwhile. I’ve decided to axe a few scenes and spend the day with ‘Than. In her bizarre “Am I a vampire or a werewolf” state of mind, she’s doing things that are much more interesting than the other characters.

Oh, and if you know about Katarine…she’s having a name change to Katia and I have *plans* for her.

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